Whidbey Island quick trip.

Whidbey Island, Fort Ebey State Park

For Mothers day we took two of the trailers out to Whidbey Island for a quick trip.  We did not get started until mid- day on Saturday so we had a bit of a wait at the Mukilteo Ferry to Clinton.  It was an epic beautiful sunny day for early may.  My brother, his wife and daughter pull the Boler with their Ford Escape and my wife, son and I in our QX4 with the Surfside (Big Blue).  I wanted to give them a test run and see what things will help make the process easier, more fun and more comfortable!


Taking these trailers on the ferries is simple and only increases your cost by $10 or so. They will give you a tag to put on the propane tank when you confirm that it is off.  As you drive down the ramp slowing down keeps the trailer tongue from clunking to hard.  

We got a late start and wished we were there early.  Prepping Friday night and leaving at 6am  would have saved us some traffic time and ferry time.   Maximizing our relaxation time and beach and woods time on this beautiful weekend was a must!

We headed towards Ft. Ebey State park which has a beautiful bluff for kite flying and parapenting, lots of hiking, nice facilities, wood for sale for fires and great wooded camp sites.  We ended up in 19 and 20 which were right beside each other, but I did not see a bad site anywhere.  Check campsitephotos.com for prescreening of sites at most local campgrounds. 

We stopped at The Goose grocery for some ice and drinks, there is a hardware store there as well.  It is a large and well stocked grocery.  We made it to the campground and were directed to our sites.  Side by side with fire pits and tables.  About a 100 feet to the bathrooms with token showers.  

We set up both trailers and headed out to the bluff for a few minutes before prepping dinner. My mom and stepdad joined us for our mothers day camping feast.  My son loves to help set up the camper, put out the chairs and drag the cooler around.  

Sunset at Fort Ebey bluff

Sunset at Fort Ebey bluff

Although we did not hike the trails down to the beach there is a nice 15 minute walk to a beach spot for picnics.  Apparently there is surfing there even though no one was in the water.  

Here is the link to the state information on the campground and to make reservations.  


Here are a few more photos from the weekend.