Lake Cushman

Lake Cushman: Rusty's Debut

Watch my Lake Cushman Adventures!

Lake Cushman spans 4010 acres and is just under a 2.5 hour drive from Seattle (including traffic!) It sits within the Olympic National Forest and is just within the sweet spot where you get to lose connection to the rest of the world while you are there.



Direct access to the Lake

Reservations are accepted

Pets are allowed

A wide variety of hikes nearby for all levels and ages

Kayak and other watersport rentals available

Lake Cushman.jpg



No view of the lake from the campsites

No boat ramp

Moderate noise


Mount Rose2.jpg

We chose the North Camp over the South Camp because it is less likely to be used for day use. This cut down on some of the noise and traffic and made it feel more “off the grid”. If you want to be in the action – I recommend the South Camp.

I strongly recommend making a reservation. I did not see any sites that didn’t have a reserved sign posted. 

We had a hard time deciding between a few challenging hikes, as Mount Ellinor, Mount Rose, and Mount Washington are all within a short drive. We settled on Mount Rose and it was a thigh-burner for sure!