Easy & Stylish Campers

Gogo small trailer rentals are easy to tow, they follow you like a cute puppy. You can pull them with almost any vehicle. Gogo camper rentals are unique and stylish, each one crafted to create a warm and fun space.  Each of our interiors has been customized. You won't find another camper trailer like ours.  These cool little trailers give you a cozy place to put your kids down and a comfy bed to get into when your ready.  Curtains and lights allow you a privacy to change clothes, read, take a nap or play cards so that you can enjoy your trip regardless of the weather.

Maximize Your Rest & Celebration Time

Don't you want to maximize your time playing, enjoying and celebrating rather than setting up your camp?  Setting up camp is a necessity and it can be fun to personalize and decorate but when there is exploration and relaxing to be had it is nice to get into it! Gogocampers take care of the basic needs in a awesome way.  Starting with a comfortable, easy to set up trailer with beds, lighting and a kitchen with dishware, then tune it up with tables, chairs and bbq, add some flare with a pop-up canopy with lighting.  20 minutes after you get to your site you are ready to play! 

You can focus on food, friends, and maximizing your rest and celebration time.  

We're Here to Help 

Towing and camping with a small camper trailer is super fun, and we're here to help you make it happen. We can make sure your vehicle is compliant with our trailers, help you plan your trip or give you some fun ideas on where to gogo.