Our Story

Getting outside is healing for me and my family.  I love to run around outside and dream up ridiculously delicious camp meals.  I have so many great memories of time with friends sitting around a fire.  These are the moments that spurred me towards creating this company. Making sweet outdoor moments in life fun, easy and accessible to me and my community.  I grew up skiing, camping and hiking in Oregon, Washington, California and Colorado.  The outdoors has always been a place of laughter, peace and pleasure for my family and friends. 

When our lives are so busy, fast paced and scheduled out,  it can be difficult to slow down and appreciate the life we have and the people we get to share it with!  

We hope to see you out adventuring!

We hope to see you out adventuring!

Our underlying values at Gogocamper are to take care of the beautiful spaces that we have access to, leave them cleaner and and gently used so others may benefit from their beauty. We hope to partner with the many wonderful organizations that care for our natural resources here in the Northwest. 

We are incredibly fortunate to live in this beautiful place. 

The Pacific Northwest is one of the most beautiful and vibrant areas of the world… and we spend so much time in the city hustling along. Meanwhile, waiting out in the woods are beautiful reflections, waterfalls to swim in and hot springs to soak in, and all the laughter... Falling leaves and pounding seas, surfing, hiking, and just sitting...breathing and smiling.

...and at the end of the day to cuddle and sleep in a comfy bed, full of the day and ready for more.