Where to GoGo?

Our stylish lightweight trailers make it easy to pick up and go on an adventure anywhere in the Northwest. Here are a few ideas of places to go. 

Festivals, Retreats, Weddings

When I go to festivals and other incredible events I want to maximize my time playing, enjoying and celebrating.  Setting up camp is a necessity but we can make it easy.  Starting with a comfortable, easy to set up trailer with beds, tables chairs and a kitchen simplifies the process.  20 minutes later you are ready to play! You can focus on food, friends, and maximizing your rest and celebration time. Gogo Campers are perfect for events like Burning Man and music festivals, but will incur an additional cleaning fee. 

Camping with Kids

I want to be the best parent to my kid that I can!  

To me, this means lots of outdoor adventures to see and explore our incredible country.  Beach trips, mountain trips, lake trips, are all great car camping options in the NW.   Some weekends it is to hard to pack up the car, load up the toys and get on the road...especially on Friday night, knowing that you will have to set up camp and get your kids comfortable when you get there.   We will help you out.

Our trailers give you that quick set up and comfortable, safe retreat whichever awesome location you get to!  Beds can be set up before you go.  Gear can be piled in on top.  Imagine pulling up and being set up in 20 minutes ready to make smores and enjoy your night!  Cool, right?

Pacific Northwest Camping

Seattle is surrounded by some of the most beautiful places to camp in the country. Our guests have brought our GoGo Camper rentals to incredible camp sites and state parks everywhere from the Olympics to the Cascades. Check out this list of Washington State Parks that you can explore in your GoGo Camper.